4 Tips To Begin A Web Design Career


Web designing training is a pretty popular activity that more people with creative skills take on nowadays, but the hardest thing is to start a career.

We will share with you 4 tips that might help you decide whether you are ready for this career or not. Remember that there are a lot of other things to consider before starting a career in web design and this is just a short overview.

Tip 1 – Learn from the best – Once you have decided to be in the field of web design, you have to learn from the best. There are hundreds of training institutes that claims to be the best & they try to attract aspiring students with huge discounts, free gifts etc. So, be fully prepared to conduct a thorough research abt the institute, their teaching standards, their placement records etc before committing yourself to the course. Never ever compromise on the quality of the education, especially for the sake of saving few thousands or avoiding the travel of few extra kilometres. Remember that this is a solid investment you are getting into & how much ever you earn in the next 30-35 years is going to be based on the few months you are going to spend there.

Tip 2 – Join communities & forums– Let professional web designers be your “godfathers”, and look for their tips and suggestions. This means you will have to allocate a considerable amount of your time researching and looking for good materials that will inspire you. You have to be a part of various web designer forums & communities and learn from their mistakes or successes. Just absorb as much as knowledge from the old-timers’ experience & learn the nuances of the creative process, which not many institutes can teach. And never hesitate to ask for clarifications or suggestions, because the very idea of being a part of the forum is to share knowledge & benefitting all concerned.

Tip 3 – Practice, practice & practice more– Practice makes perfect – this is an universal truth and the secret behind any successful person from any field. You have to practice all the time and see the world like a designer would see it, i.e. capturing all the interesting information that you see and transforming it into design. Theories are important to understand the software & their functionalities, but it is those practical sessions, which actually converts you into a professional designer. So, the more practice, more professional you become. Dedicate these few months of your training period for this pursuit alone & never fall prey to any distractions. Keep on practising.

Tip 4 – A good portfolio– A good portfolio almost carries you to the final round of interview, well almost. Before getting the dream job in web design you are longing for, you will need a solid portfolio, which is nothing but a showcase of all your works and projects. The web designer degree might help a bit, but people would like to see your skills instead and have a visual image of what you can do. We recommend working on your own projects, like a personal website for instance, which should showcase your skills in designing, interface creation & functionalities. You can also take up few live projects, which you can do even for free, as they could only add value to your portfolio. It is also important to have a nice resume, stating all your skills & successes.

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